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The GLS.

In its element on any terrain.

GLE Coupé

The GLE.


Dynamism. Assertiveness. Letting go.Experience the new premium SUV from Mercedes-Benz. The GLE. Brings out the best of every terrain.

Intelligent Light System


Light that thinks for you.

Puts every driving situation in the right light. The optional Intelligent Light System adapts automatically to the light and driving conditions on country roads, motorways and city streets.


A new experience every trip.

Programmed for motoring pleasure. With the optional DYNAMIC SELECT Controller, conveniently located on the centre console, you can select one of six different drive modes – from comfortable to dynamic.


Gives the perfect perspective.

The optional adaptive windscreen wiper system ensures you always have the best possible vision. It controls the amount of screen washing fluid in accordance with the outside temperature, vehicle speed and driving conditions.


Facts and figures

Note: Some models / features may not be available for the Indonesia market.